Lefty Store

lefty Sometimes, being left handed can be quite a drag and it’s mainly because tools are rarely made to work well for lefties. While 8 to 15% of the entire population of the world is left handed, they are rarely targeted by stores and companies, so finding tools which are designed to be used with the left hand can be hard. Here at the LeftyStore.com you will find all kind of tools which are designed to be used by lefties.

All their lives, lefties have to learn how to function as right handed people, even though they preferred their left hand. They wrote with the right hand, they used scissors which were designed for right handed people and they cut wood with saws which don’t work well if you’re a lefty because the blade is on the wrong side.

The problem with left handed tools is that they can’t be found in most stores. There are a few specialized stores out there, but for the most part, it’s surprising how few companies target the 500 million people that are lefties.

In this store for lefties you will be able to find tool belts for left handed people, special saws, scissors for lefties and more. One more type of tool you will find is the gardening tool, which can make this great hobby quite a pain if you’re a lefty. You will need to look for tools which are either designed to work with any hand, or a tool that has cushion grips to make it more ergonomical. Among others, good examples of gardening tools which are useful for lefties are angle weeders, twisted trowels, pruners and dutch hoes.

One other interesting thing for lefties which you will find here is the computer mouse, which is usually shaped in such a way that it needs to be used with the right hand and on the right side of the keyboard. With a mouse designed for a lefty or one that can be used with both hands, your control of the computer and your productivity will increase considerably. One other type of computer device which is usually designed for use with the right hand is the trackpad or the trackball.

If you love music, you will be glad to hear that there are also guitars built for lefties, so you don’t have to use a regular guitar flipped around. You can also find inverted trumpets and pianos where the keys are inverted.